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Conservation of Books and Documents

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COURSE IN PORTUGUESE JUSTIFICATION: Many times we find problems in books or documents without knowing what to do to solve them. This course will provide you with the basic tools to know what the criteria are and how to correctly plan the actions to be taken to ensure the best preservation of books and documents. GOALS: 1. Share essential notions about preservation and conservation of works on paper. 2. Identify and document the characteristics of collections and works on paper and the effects of degradation agents. 3. Provide basic subsidies for the adoption of corrective and/or preventive measures CONTENT: Class 1: Concepts - Characterization of support. Class 2: Heritage protection concepts and legislation. Class 3: Degradation factors, pathologies and mitigation. Class 4: Ethical criteria and work methodology: Importance of technical documentation; Identification and diagnosis, photographic and intervention records and justifications. Class 5: Exercises - analysis of the state of conservation and description of works. Class 6: Ethical criteria and work methodology: Hygiene of collections and works. Class 7: Ethical criteria and intervention methodology: Repair, consolidation and packaging / Adhesives and papers used in restoration. Class 8: Case studies.





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I really enjoyed getting to know the manufacturing techniques of feathers!
All the knowledge shared in the classes was very good.

Esmerina Costa Luis - Brazil

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