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Do you collect vinyl records? Hit those tips!

🎧 Do you still collect vinyl records at home? 🎼 Be afraid of people who don't open, give them! His appreciators defend that sound quality of two vinyl records is superior to two digital formats. Also, listening to a vinyl record is a much different ritual than listening to a digital music collection. 😌 The vinyl record has a package, an insert and only because of these "extras", the musical appreciation becomes different. The vinyl record can also be colorful! It is so to say that to appreciate it, we need to be paying attention to the music... in the end, we need to turn the disk for the music to continue! 😏 But how to preserve these relics?

Like any object that needs to be preserved, it is important to ensure that the vinyl records are as clean as possible. Vinyl records are like a magnet for dust, record players generally stimulate a static charge as they rotate and the needle drags across the surface of the record. 💨Dust accumulated on the surface of the vinyl causes unwanted background static noise and reduces the fidelity of the sound. During playback, make sure that the cover of the record player is dated, this prevents additional air from being attracted to the surface of the record. When playback is finished, before placing the disc back on the inner layer, abrade with an antistatic broom or wipe with an antistatic cloth to disperse the static charge. Follow the grooves on the disc to do this surface cleaning. To secure a disc, handle the discs with clean and dry hands.🤲🧴

Secure the disc on the edge and in the center, long the grooves. Be linked here in our blog that we always draw tips for you to also keep your private collections!

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