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Integrated pest management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a tool to combat and prevent pest infestation and reinfestation in museum collections. 🐛🪰❌

Here are some prevention tips against biological agents:

- Inspection, detection and monitoring: This applies both to objects that are already part of the collection and to new items donated or recently acquired. Investigating and observing each specimen and the places where they are found (environment and cabinets) helps to know the damage that is being caused and the organisms that attack them;

- Identification of pests: It can occur both in inspection with the collection of insects, and through traps, preferably in corners and crevices that are usually places where there is greater entry;

- Cleaning: The accumulation of dirt and food remains are linked to the production of most pests. Therefore, cleanliness and avoiding food is one of the initial preventive measures;

- Sealing and blocking of entrances with silicone and rubber in windows, doors and cabinets.

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