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What is Pachamama?

Pachamama generates and offers us life.
She welcomes us and nourishes us daily.
She is everything at all.
And in this everything, we are all harmoniously interconnected.
The harmony of our existence is related to the knowledge we acquire.
The Pachamama Conservation and Restoration Institute aims to contribute to a cycle of knowledge generation.
Through free courses, we develop and share knowledge for the appreciation of cultural heritage.
In addition, the Pachamama Conservation and Restoration Institute promotes the recognition of cultural plurality and its exchange through constant dialogue with professionals from Brazil and abroad.
We believe that the (re)knowledge and preservation of cultural assets enhances cultural exchanges. And this dialogue strengthens the harmony of our existence.
We are part of this whole.
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Develop and share knowledge for the appreciation of cultural heritage through the dissemination of courses, interdisciplinary investigations and cultural activities.


Become a national and international reference in museological actions, training and dissemination of knowledge in areas related to the preservation of cultural heritage.
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  • Responsibility for the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage;
  • Responsibility with sustainability;
  • Responsibility with ethics;
  • Social commitments;
  • Educational commitments.
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