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Restoration of Ceramics, Porcelain and Glass


CURSOEN ESPAÑOL Y GRABADO EN 2022 CON PARTICIPACIÓN DE ALUNOS 1. Know the causes of deterioration of ceramic materials, porcelain and glass and how to prevent them. 2. Know the different constitutive materials to proceed with their conservation. 3. Knowledge and realization of restoration processes by developing conservation criteria. Class 1: Different types of support materials: Ceramics, Porcelain and Glass. Adhesives, different classes. Selection of the appropriate support material. Form of application. Different adhesion procedures; Class 2: Resins: Epoxy, Polyester, Acrylic, Polyurethane. Characteristics. Preparation methods. Usage and Application. Class 3: Return materials, selection according to support material. Preparation. Application. Modes of use. Class 4: Leveling of refunds. Smoothing of the surface. Different types of strips. Polishers. Large inserts Use of the lathe, tips and special discs. Class 5: Chromatic reintegration. Basic concepts of Color Theory. See in detail the obtainment of color by means of pigment mixtures. Chromatic reintegration application method. Class 6: Restoration of glass, consolidation of strips, adhesions, replacement of missing material. Materials. How to use. Class 7: Finished, chromatic and transparent. Use of Airbrush. Preparation of airbrushing material. Class 8: Presenting a specific case. For example: reintegration of surface or color, airbrushing of a sector or fragment.





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I really enjoyed getting to know the manufacturing techniques of feathers!
All the knowledge shared in the classes was very good.

Esmerina Costa Luis - Brazil

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