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Historical Concepts of Conservation and Restoration

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COURSE IN PORTUGUESE Historical Concepts of Conservation and Restoration - Module I JUSTIFICATION In this first module, we will address the various interventions and adaptations that works of art have undergone throughout history, from Ancient Greece to the beginning of the 19th century. In order to bring to the classroom, in order chronologically, the various reflections and contextual reasons that drove certain interventions, of a restorative and/or conservative nature, over these centuries and, which contributed to the concepts of restoration being increasingly improved and understood, collaborating with the improvement of the craft of restoration and conservation of works of art of the present time. GOALS Approach the different concepts, theories and practices of restoration throughout history in a didactic and chronological way; Contribute to theoretical enrichment regarding the craft of cultural conservation and restoration; Disseminate the history and theory of restoration of cultural assets. CONTENT Class 1 The works of art from Antiquity to the Medieval Era. Class 2 The Renaissance. Class 3 Post-Renaissance to the 18th century. Class 4 18th century: the development of the Restoration profession. Class 5 Transition from the 18th to the 19th century: changing society. Class 6 19th century: Restoration in Europe Class 7 19th century: Restoration in Europe, with a focus on Italy. Class 8 19th century: Restoration and the art market.





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I really enjoyed getting to know the manufacturing techniques of feathers!
All the knowledge shared in the classes was very good.

Esmerina Costa Luis - Brazil

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