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Amazonian Archeology

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COURSE IN PORTUGUESE Amazonian archeology: recovery methodologies and analysis of bone and sedimentary artifacts. When dealing with the Amazon and the archaeological context, it is essential to take into account the environmental influence, in terms of material conservation system, as well as its importance in the maintenance of archaeological constructions. Thus, the objective of this course is to better understand the Amazonian environmental aspects, as well as the first forms of human occupation, aiming at a better understanding of the processes of recovery, conservation and maintenance of archaeological remains (mainly bone and sedimentary) from this type of environment. As well as possible interdisciplinary analyzes that enable not only new means of conservation of these artifacts, such as new research in the field of archaeology. Cover photo: Archaeological piece found in the complex in the Middle Solimões region Photo: Bernardo Oliveira CONTENT: CLASS 1 – Amazon ecosystems; CLASS 2 – Quaternary in the Amazon; CLASS 3 - Amazon occupation; CLASS 4 – The importance of Amazonian archeology; CLASS 5 – The importance of Sambaquis in Amazonian archeology; CLASS 6 - Methods for the recovery and conservation of zoological and sedimentary remains; CLASS 7 – Interdisciplinarity in the context of researching Amazonian archaeological material.





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I really enjoyed getting to know the manufacturing techniques of feathers!
All the knowledge shared in the classes was very good.

Esmerina Costa Luis - Brazil

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