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Conservation of Audiovisual Collections

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COURSE IN PORTUGUESE GOALS: 1. Make known the theoretical principles of fundamental activities in the treatment of audiovisual collections; 2. Present practical examples and develop reflection on methodologies for cataloging, documenting, preserving and giving access to documents; 3. Encourage reflection on theoretical precepts, analysis of the situation and develop a technical eye to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the collections. CONTENT Class 1 - Basic concepts and definitions. Watch the video of the 1st. FREE class here: Class 2 - Brief history of how and when audiovisual media emerged, from photography to the “digital age”. Class 3 - Knowledge of the object – types of media, diversity of technologies and systems (image and sound), physical-chemical structures, intrinsic and extrinsic weaknesses. Class 4 - Cataloging and documentation – how to catalog, what are the main data to be collected, information record sheets, the contextualization of works, the inseparable relationship between cataloging and conservation. Class 5 - Conservation I - diagnosis - the main agents of deterioration. Class 6 - Conservation II - preventive actions - the main preventive actions to minimize the intrinsic weaknesses of the object and control or prevent the action of deterioration agents. Class 7 - Conservation III – the digital impact - an overview of the impact of digital technology on audiovisual.





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I really enjoyed getting to know the manufacturing techniques of feathers!
All the knowledge shared in the classes was very good.

Esmerina Costa Luis - Brazil

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