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Between art, condition reports and airports: the life of museum couriers


Are you fascinated by museums and how art and artifacts travel the world? 🤔

If so, you might want to check out the glamorous job of a museum courier! 💼🌟

According to the Penn Museum, a museum courier is responsible for transporting valuable objects from one museum to another, ensuring their safety and security. 🚛🔒

This job requires extensive travel and attention to detail, but it also offers the opportunity to see new places and experience different cultures. 🛫🌍

But, despite looking glamorous, this is a job that involves many responsibilities and many procedures that must be followed, such as the preparation of technical reports, monitoring of packaging, clearance of works in airport customs sectors, among other adventures!

Source: Penn Museum

If you're interested in pursuing a career as a museum courier, check out this article from the Penn Museum that provides an inside look at this exciting profession! 🤩

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