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Chemical Product Labeling - How to do it?

Complicated to label chemicals? A little bit!

Chemical product labeling is a way of describing chemical hazard information as well as performing identification of this product. In addition, the label must also demonstrate the necessary precautions to be taken when using this product. After all, these processes make the handling, storage and transport of these substances safer and more conscious. There are standards for labeling chemicals that can be easily found on the Internet. We advise that conservators who prepare chemical substances take specific courses to be prepared for the safe handling and use of these substances. To make it easier, we share with you a label suggestion that I usually use when preparing my solutions. This is a suggestion for a label that was prepared by me and with the technical support of a chemical professional.

The important thing is to follow the instructions and leave all solutions used in the laboratory labeled and well identified.

The Institute for Conservation and Restoration Pachamama offers chemistry courses aimed at conservators and this guidance is essential for all professionals working in this area.

📌 Do you want to know more about chemistry for conservators?

Access our new course: Basic Chemistry for Restorers and Conservators

Watch here the welcome video of the Course with Prof. Dr. Thiago Guimarães and register now for this mandatory course for everyone who works in this area!

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