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Photography as a document bears witness to a present and a past of our culture, and as an artistic piece it offers us a more aesthetic approach to reality.

However, conserving a photographic collection is not an easy task, since valuable photographic information is lost due to lack of support or knowledge, in such a way that raising awareness about its value as a cultural heritage helps prevent its deterioration and favors its consultation.

Fortunately, interest in the legacy of photographers has grown significantly among an ever-widening audience, from collectors, conservators, historians, and even families seeking to preserve wonderful albums of personal memories.

Thus, although the deterioration in photographic images is a continuous and natural process, there are measures that can be put into practice in order to reduce the speed of it.

In this manual, Gisela Villanueva offers us a broad introduction to the practice of preserving photographic materials in its different processes, and gives us the guidelines to identify and prevent damage that affects this type of media, ensuring its preservation within established parameters. for optimal conservation.

Enjoy and discover this book! [In spanish]

Download the book here!

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