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Featherwork Art: Document to preserve

Much of what is known about our ancestry is linked to feather art.

Feather art collections reflect our ancestral heritage and allow us to learn relevant information about our history.

Analysis and organization of its documentation contribute to its study, preservation, and dissemination.

In the course "Featherwork Art: Document to preserve" with Professor Susan Liliana Salguedo Montalvo, we will learn about:

- Introduction to feather art;

- Feather art in archaeological collections;

- Feather art in ethnographic collections;

- Feather art from online catalogs

Meet Prof. Susan Salguedo in our welcome video to the course here:

Activate the subtitles and choose the appropriate automatic translation for your language in the gear button of the video to make it easier for you to understand

Our courses are recorded and you will have access to them during the year 2023.

At the end, you will have the opportunity to have a live meeting with your course teacher and you will also be able to meet students from all over the world during our live interaction class.

All our courses are 20 hours long (consisting of video lessons, readings of support materials, bibliography and eventually activities). And all our students receive a certificate at the end of the course!

Sign up right now and start your course!

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