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How can our Forum help young professionals in conservation and restoration?

We understand how difficult it can be to get started... 馃檨 let us help you get started! 馃挭

Today we are sharing our ICR Pachamama Community Forum with you!

The forum is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage.

We have created this space especially for those who are passionate about preserving history and culture through conservation and restoration. You will also find a community dedicated to sharing knowledge, experiences, and valuable advice. Feel free to share your stories, questions, and knowledge.

Let's discuss how you can help young professionals accelerate their professional connections by participating in our Forum today!

A section for questions and answers

You know how much we like to talk and build bridges if you were one of our students! 馃槉 Do you know this doubt that we have that maybe another colleague can help?

"Where can I buy material X?"

"Does anyone have a tool to share?"

"How can I solve problem X?"

Help can appear here in our group! 馃

Resume Database

We always get queries like "Do you know someone who restores canvases, paintings, photographs....?" Here our specialty is online training!

But we have incredible professionals in our group and we need to establish points of contact.

馃摚 That's why we created our Curriculum Bank: you advertise your specialty and we help you make connections with people who may be looking for your service!


Here we share the job opportunities that we are offered. Many companies, museums and other entities seek us out to make them aware of opportunities and we want to do it now in a special space for our followers. This is our forum where we now publish all the opportunities we receive and we encourage you to take advantage of them! 馃帀


All those who form part of the ICR Pachamama Community will have access to our E-Books

- Preserving the past: a practical guide for the preventive conservation of museum collections

- Behind the scenes of storage areas: good practices for managing collections, optimizing storage measures and other solutions (in Portuguese).

And stay tuned because there will be other electronic books available in our space! 馃摉

Discount Coupons

Periodically we launch exclusive discount coupons for all members of the ICR Pachamama Community. So in addition to enjoying the Forum, you have a right to the e-Book and exclusive discount coupons! 馃巵

馃槏 Are you excited to participate?

Being part of the ICRPACHAMAMA Community is easy!

It only costs less than 5 USD and you will have access to the group for 1 year!

Yes! Just pay less than 5 USD and you will be part of the ICRPACHAMAMA Community!

Click here and join our Community ICRPACHAMAMA right now

Together, we will learn and grow as professionals and contribute to the preservation of our cultural heritage. Welcome everyone and we hope you enjoy a LOT of your space! 馃


All professionals around the world are welcome to participate in our Forum! 馃寧

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