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Our 3rd anniversary gift to you!

It is Pachamama Day today, the day of the Andean deity associated with the earth, fertility, and femininity. The Institute for Conservation and Restoration Pachamama was also founded on this day, which marks its 3rd anniversary today.

The creation of a network of exchanges and approximations with professionals from Brazil and other Latin American countries, who share the goal of preserving cultural heritage, began on August 1, 2020.

Over 800 students from 28 countries attended 70 courses during this short period.

Contributing to the generation of knowledge is our goal. Our main mission is to democratize access to training and knowledge sharing.

We develop and share knowledge about cultural heritage through our courses. Culture exchange is enhanced by (re)knowledge and preservation of cultural heritage. Our existence is strengthened by this dialogue.

It's all part of us!

This is why we want you to be a part of our anniversary celebration!


During the month of August, use the coupon PACHA50Enjoy a 50% discount on our courses during August by using the coupon PACHA50! Take your course now by signing up! There is a deadline of 12/31/2023 for completion! You'll also be able to participate in our live meeting in December!

We're having a party! Don't miss it! Enjoy your discount with coupon PACHA50!PACHA50 and enjoy your discount! Thank you so much to all of you who are with us on this journey!

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