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What types of plastics can we use in Storage Areas?

How to know which type of plastic packaging is best to use to store our collections? šŸ¤” And what types of plastics are safer and recommended for this?

The Western Museums Association team spoke with participants at the Balboa Art Conservation Center (BACC) Focus on Collections workshop to learn whether or not plastics are safe for packaging leather objects in storage. Some claim that plastic increases the likelihood of mold, while others think otherwise. We'll see if it's worth packing or not and if so, with what. First there is the issue of the environment: When we have a stable object stored in a stable environment, it can be safely packed in a plastic bag. āœ…šŸ‘

The object adjusts to the ''microclimate'' inside the plastic and organic materials will protect themselves. An advantage of plastic packaging is the protection it provides against pests and dust. šŸ›šŸš« But what kind of plastic to use? Ideally, avoid plastics with plasticizing agents, solvents or other additives that could affect the object. Using bubble wrap directly against objects can be harmful as the bubbles can leave an imprint on vulnerable surfaces such as varnish. āš ļøPVC, Polyvinyl Chloride should not be used under any circumstances as they emit harmful by-products. šŸ§ ā˜ļø Curious to know a little more about storing collections with plastics?

On the Western Museums Association website you can take a look: šŸ‘

And in our Management and Conservation Measures course in Reservations with Profa. Ana Paula Uribie, you will learn about all the necessary measures to manage your collections safely. Check out the welcome video for this course here!

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