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Get ready for the new courses!

This coming week, we will officially start announcing our NEW COURSES! Every day you will get to know our new course available and our teachers! But, by clicking on the link below, you can check in advance what we have prepared for you! šŸ˜

Our new recorded courses offer a comprehensive approach to the most advanced cultural preservation techniques, taught by renowned experts.

Join NOW and start learning at your OWN time, from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

We have courses in Portuguese and Spanish and you can check the language of the course by clicking on the link above. And even in our online courses, we have practical activities!

Here's an excerpt from Prof. Noriko Nishimura's course on two-dimensional and three-dimensional containers!

Do you like the INTERACTION with our teachers and students? Even in our recorded courses, you will have the opportunity to interact live with our group! All courses will feature a live interaction that will take place throughout 2023! This is the OPPORTUNITY for you to talk to your teacher and expand your contact networks! Enter our website and sign up for new courses! Don't miss this chance to excel in your career or simply learn more about cultural preservation. Subscribe now! Visit our website now and join the community of conservators from around the world!

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